Stat overload wrapup

Sunday Morning Quarterback finishes his analysis of statistics and wins/losses from the ’06 season by bringing all of his data together in a piece that’s well worth your time to read.

It looks like if you’re an offensive coordinator, shoot to get your team’s yards per pass average over 8.0 (76.2 winning percentage). If you’re a defensive coordinator, hold your opponent under 300 yards (76.6 winning percentage). And if you’re a head coach, tell your team you don’t care about penalties.

Dan Inman, helping his team win anyway he could. (courtesy

How did Georgia stack up with regard to those three categories? Pretty consistently with SMQ‘s findings:

  • Georgia was 8-1 in games when it held opponents under 300 yards total offense; 1-3 when it didn’t
  • Georgia was 3-0 in games when its average ypp was 8.0 or better; 6-4 when that stat was under 8.0 ypp
  • Georgia was 6-2 in games when its penalty yards exceeded the opponent’s; 3-2 when the opponent was the more penalized team

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