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NCAA scrapping game-shortening rules

Woo hoo!  Sanity returns to the NCAA, per the AJC.


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Terence Moore, Ron Zook and Urban Meyer walk into a bar…

I have no idea what point Terence Moore is making here.

I just wanted to post this picture:


It’s a little known fact that Janus, the Roman two-faced god, was also the god of headsets.

(photo courtesy AP)

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Bitch, bitch, bitch

The Red and Black somewhat inartfully opines about student athlete GPAs and career choices, and draws this entirely predictable and condescending response from one Margaret Soltan, an English professor who at her blog seeks to describe university life with the stated aim of “changing things”.

I wish Ms. Soltan the best of luck in her quest. With the engaging personality she displays throughout her post, such as when she writes…

Interesting phrase, ‘Athletic-centered students.’ I’m thinking Alcohol-centered students… Plagiarism-centered students…

…I’m sure she’ll have no difficulties in winning people over to her point of view. She’s certainly sold me.

Oh, and please make sure you click on the link at the very beginning of her post. It’s a winner, too.


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