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What’s next? – with Matthew Stafford

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ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has an article up on Matthew Stafford that you’ll want to read if you’re a Dawg fan.

Stafford admits in the story that he didn’t prepare properly for some teams early on. Mohamed Massaquoi admits in the story that the receivers were having problems early on adjusting to the velocity on Stafford’s passes.

Interestingly, it sounds as if Stafford is more comfortable with Bobo calling the plays than he was with Richt:

Stafford’s improved play late in the season came after Bulldogs coach Mark Richt relinquished play calling. A longtime offensive coordinator at Florida State, where he coached Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks Charlie Ward and Chris Weinke, Richt called offensive plays during his first five seasons as Georgia’s coach. But before the Georgia Tech game, Richt gave those duties to quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo. Richt named Bobo the team’s permanent offensive coordinator before the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

“I’m really confident with him,” Stafford said of Bobo. “I think he’s got a great mind and I’m just looking forward to the years to come. I’m excited about working with him and bouncing ideas off each other.”

To be honest, I don’t think Schlabach is being completely fair here. Stafford’s best game of the season, by far, was the Auburn game, which was the last game when Richt called the plays.

Anyway, it wraps up on an optimistic note from Massaquoi:

Massaquoi said the Bulldogs are excited to see what their quarterback will do in his second season, too.

“As last year progressed, he was getting more and more confident,” Massaquoi said. “He’s just one of those guys that’s a natural born leader and he commands everyone’s respect. His talent shows on the field. He hasn’t reached the surface yet; I think he’s barely scratched it.”

I sure hope he’s got an offensive line that gives him a chance to prove that…


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Reggie Ball puts it up! He’s got CJ deep! Touchdown!

Oops. Maybe in an alternate universe.

Meanwhile, back at reality…

(photo courtesy CNNSI)

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What they said (about playoffs).

Kyle King weighs in eloquently on the subject of playoffs for D-1 football.

IAR is more succinct on the topic, but no less compelling.

To me, this is a classic “better the Devil you know” situation.

For those of you who want college football to be more like the NFL, why?


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