There’s nothing wrong with making money.

The Anniston Star just ran a series on college football and college athletics revenue, cleverly titled “Field Gold”. You’ll find the gateway article linked here.

A few highlights:

  • Miles Brand’s defense of college athletics’ finances and its tax exemption boils down to “don’t hate us because we’re pretty”:

Brand warned against demonizing college sports because of their popularity.

“If the American public had the same popular interest in French lectures or accounting classes as they do in athletics, television would be just as eager to telecast those events and to sell commercial time to pay the rights fees,” he wrote. “Transforming those academic offerings into commercialized events would not undermine the educational purpose for which the offerings are made.”

  • Florida and Georgia share the SEC’s most stringent entrance requirements for student athletes.
  • Nick Saban may very well turn out to be worth that outrageous salary.
  • Vanderbilt actually has three professors who earn more than its football coach.
  • Kentucky may be a basketball school, but it generates a lot more money (and profit) from football.
  • Evidently there are a bunch of cheap bastards running the Michigan athletic department.

Check out the “Sports Money Charts” link at the end of the article. Take a look at how much revenue Florida generated for the SEC as a result of being in the BCS title game. If you were an SEC AD, you may not have rooted for the Gators to win, but you sure had to be happy they were there.


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