“I hope he plays as good as he looks…”

It’s good to know that Matthew Stafford follows recruiting just like we fans do:

Pregame is about tunnel vision. Blocking out all distractions. Focusing on one goal.

That’s where Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford was just before the Bulldogs played Georgia Tech last season. Then something blocked his view.

It was Vince Vance, standing at the end of the Dawg Walk.

“When I went by him, I read his name tag, and I knew that we had [gotten a commitment from the offensive lineman],” Stafford said. “He was just mammoth.”

As in block out the sun, hide the children. Feel the earth shake big. And all that means … absolutely nothing. Because while size does matter when it comes to tackles, skill matters more. Then again the size doesn’t exactly hurt either.

“I hope he plays as good as he looks because he looks like a real good one,” Stafford said.

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  1. Brian

    Ironic, isn’t it? Stafford was the “mammoth” this time last year, causing us to say, “Thank God for Dave Van Halanger”.