Mr. Helpful strikes again.

There’s a premium article up on the Scout site that I won’t print for obvious reasons. It’s about one of Georgia’s early ’08 commits, Dwayne Allen, who’s a TE from North Carolina.

The article is about his trip to North Carolina to check things out there – no problem with that, all’s fair in love and recruiting – but there’s this little blurb in the middle of the article that once again confirms what an absolute moral sleaze recruiting guru Tom Lemming is.

The gist of it is that Allen attended a Tom Lemming function where he heard some discouraging rumors about Georgia’s recruiting from Lemming himself. According to Allen, Lemming told him that one of Georgia’s ’07 signees, Aron White, was definitely signed as a tight end, which is contrary to what Allen had been led to understand (which was that White was coming in as a split end). Needless to say, this seems to have put a little damper on Mr. Allen’s enthusiasm for the Georgia program, as well as leading him to question somebody’s integrity.

Obviously, unless Lemming got his information about Georgia’s plans for White from the horse’s mouth, it’s absolute BS.

I’m curious where Lemming’s trying to direct this kid.


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2 responses to “Mr. Helpful strikes again.

  1. JP

    It’s just more BS that these so called “experts” feed these kid’s to go to a certain school. These people need to stay in their own business. Atleast CMR will never lie to a recruit.

    P.s- Who is that with Vince Dooley?


  2. The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

    Dooley’s moment of cool…