But he’s mature for his age.

With the announcement yesterday that Georgia picked up its ninth verbal commitment for the class of 2008, this piece in The Sporting News by Mike Farrell is noteworthy.

… I wrote in a blog a year or so ago that the football recruiting process has sped up by about six full months over the past two or three years. In other words, players who used to be offered in June of their junior year in high school were now being offered in January. In the past 12 months or so, there is even greater speed and urgency to recruiting underclassmen. My best estimate is that the process is now a full nine months ahead of where it was in 2003. If you’re not a recruitnik and don’t follow, the bottom line is that things are speeding out of control.

As of March 1, the Texas Longhorns had 15 commitments for their 2008 recruiting class. Texas A&M also had 15. The majority of the players who committed to these programs won’t be on campus until the summer of 2009. Many of them won’t graduate from college until 2014. And, quite a few haven’t had their 17th birthday yet. Either I’m getting much older each year, or the players I speak to are getting much younger. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter…

Let me just say that it’s insane for any college coach to make a verbal offer to a 12 year old.



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  1. The Texas Longhorns are in great shape as far as additions go for the 2008 season. It has only been a month after national signing day for the class of 2007′ and already Texas has 25 prospective players lined-up for possible commitments. Reported by the Associated Press

    Once again,(proving that college football recruiting is an art) why is it so easy for Texas to recruit college football players? It must be the pride and respect of the football program. Other schools should take note.


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