Andy, we’re not in Mayberry anymore.

In this complex, topsy-turvy world we inhabit, it’s natural that on occasion we’d like things to slow down a little bit.    Sometimes we yearn for the simpler days, like when all a head coach had to worry about with his players were things like venereal disease and bar fights.

But, like I said, it’s not that simple anymore.

In Miami, Coach Shannon is delivering some tough love:  if you get caught packing heat, pack your bags.   No word yet, though, on whether Shannon intends to crack down on his team’s musicianship.

And we have a random act of stupidity sighting at Southern Cal, where a few football players thought it would be funny to create a Facebook group touting “White Power”.  Tee Hee!  Football players and white power – get it?  OK, so I don’t either.  (Actually, if the misspellings of “Caucasian” and “Aryan” were deliberate, then it is kinda funny in an arch way.  Are these guys that clever?)  Anyway, this whole flap should do wonders for Pete Carroll’s recruiting in places like Idaho.  [Jonathan Tu’s take on this is here and worth a read.]

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