More playoff math

By “math”, I mean money, of course:

The NCAA tournament is undoubtedly one of the most unique events in sports, but it is also unique in the percentage of advertising it brings in compared with college basketball’s regular season. Despite more than 300 regular season men’s basketball games broadcast nationally, about three-fourths of the advertising revenue tied to sport comes during this last month of the season. [Emphasis added.] Last year, the regular season pulled in $165 million in ad revenue, compared with $497 million from the tournament.

Other sports report an opposite split. College football’s postseason bowl games, for instance, represent about 22 percent of total ad revenue for the sport each year. And the NFL, despite massive ratings for its playoff games and the Super Bowl, earns about 80 percent of advertising dollars during the regular season.

Let’s be honest here, OK? These advertisers are throwing their money in the pot in this manner for one essential reason – and it ain’t because they think March Madness is really cool. Money flows where the attention goes…

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