The problem with playoffs, in a nutshell.

A couple of March Madness/BCS thoughts from CFN‘s Pete Fiutak:

I love March Madness, you love March Madness, everyone loves March Madness. However, am I nuts, or do I still think, for all of college football’s goofiness, that it figures out a national champion better? After all, it seems like EVERYONE gets in the basketball tournament. Is that really fair, if you really think about it? – BP

A: I don’t get it either. Talk show hosts and media types cry and whine for months about the BCS system, yet no one seems to think boo about the idea that a team can finish sixth in its conference and can still play for the national championship. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is a wonderfully glorious gimmick. If the idea is to find out which college basketball team is the best, then you forget the regular season, create a big tournament with everyone in it, and play it off. College football’s system still needs a ton of tweaking, but I’ve always argued that it comes closer to crowning a true national champion than college basketball does. You have to reward the regular season more than college basketball currently does. [Emphasis added.]

Everyone talks about a college football tournament, but what about the basketball tournament … more teams, fewer teams, or does it have it right? How should it be changed? – OF

A: It’ll never happen, but the hoops tournament needs to cut the number of teams to 16. If it were up to me, there would be 12 automatic bids for the regular season conference champions for the Atlantic 10, ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Conference USA, MAC, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, Pac 10, SEC, and WAC. If there’s a regular season tie, it either gets broken by a conference tournament (which would otherwise just be a nice exhibition), or be decided on by the tournament committee. Then, the four at-large spots would go to other regular season conference champions and would be determined by the committee. That way, the regular season would actually matter, the little guy would still get its shot, and you’d take the fluke factor out. [Emphasis added.]

The problem, of course, is that it’s very hard to argue with the math (i.e., the dollars) behind a 64 school tourney…

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