No school left behind.

Here’s something the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Mark Bradley posted on January 11:

The beauty of March Madness is that anything can happen. The failure of the BCS is that only a few things are allowed to happen. Two teams completed their regular seasons unbeaten, and only one was given the chance to play for the title. That’s just wrong.

And here’s something he penned for the print edition of the AJC today:

What’s the latest coaches’ “cause” of the moment?

Tournament expansion. Both Paul Hewitt and Rick Pitino have come out in favor of it this week, their contention being that the tournament is for the players and therefore as many players as possible should be allowed to participate…

… Hewitt also referred to the NCAA tournament as “the most exciting sporting event in the country,” and it’s hard to imagine how expansion wouldn’t have a diluting effect…

And even if we concede that there might have been two or three deserving teams that didn’t make it this time… does their absence warrant wholesale expansion? Would the NCAA be better served by having Clemson and Michigan and Mississippi State playing for its national championship?

This, of course, is nothing more than talking out of both sides of your ass. You’ve already got schools like Central Connecticut State, North Texas and Albany playing for the national championship, so what’s the big deal about adding a few more mediocrities to the tourney? Whining about “dilution” in the context of a 65 team tournament after praising said tournament for allowing “anything to happen” is nothing short of sheer chutzpah.

Bradley, you reap what you sow, dude.

Are any of you football tournament advocates out there glomming on to my concerns about mission creep yet?

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