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Once more, dear friends, into the breach: around the blogosphere

Yep, when I don’t have any original thoughts of my own, it’s time to post a few from others. Besides, I’m getting frickin’ tired of bitching about college football playoffs.

  • If this doesn’t confirm every cliche you’ve ever heard, thought or felt about the denizens of Berkeley, California, nothing ever will.
  • I only hope that if Georgia loses to Georgia Tech in the near future, I can hold it better together than Jonathan Tu does here. I could never bring myself to vote for an alien.
  • Damn! I almost forgot what one of these looks like: an actual post on an actual football topic, in this case, a look around at spring football at several SEC schools. [Catch this note about Georgia: “The Dawgs lost all three starting linebackers from last year. Brandon Miller, a former uber recruit, has moved inside with a group of nubies and troublemakers fighting it out for the outside spots.”]
  • College football… is the quintessentially conservative sport“? Maybe he’s right.

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