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Today’s “Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass” award goes to…

UNC head coach Butch Davis, who just gushed about former QB Joe Dailey’s move to wide receiver this spring:

“He can run, and he’s smart,” Davis said. “I mean, this kid is brilliant. As a quarterback, he already understands coverages. He understands where holes are because he had to throw the ball into them.

“You just want to give a guy like that an opportunity to find out. If he could have a 50- to 65-catch year and score eight, 10, 12 touchdowns for us, that would be a big help.”

Well, gosh, it sure would, coach. There’s a little qualifier, though:

… (j)ust two players in UNC history have caught more than 55 passes in a season, and no UNC player ever has reached double figures in touchdown catches in one season. Plus, the Tar Heels return three of their top four wideouts from last year in Brooks Foster, Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate.

It’s a shame that Butch wasn’t back in the college ranks when the Springfield Three went looking for a place to play. Those kind of promises would have been right up their alley…


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