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David Ching has a transcript up at his blog of a brief interview with Coach Fabris which you may want to read.  It’s mainly about Moses and Johnson and Pro Day, which just occurred in Athens.

It’s apparent that Fabris is enamored with the expression “quote-unquote”.  I’m just wondering if he does that little finger thingy when he says it…


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If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

Tennessee Vol fans have the opportunity to go online and vote for one of six plays to be run in the spring Orange and White game.

I’m a little disappointed one of the choices isn’t a “fumble the handoff inside the opponent’s ten yard line and watch a safety run it back for a touchdown to completely destroy any hope you had of getting back in the game” play.

But that’s probably just me.

(h/t SEC FanHouse)

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I know that you know that I know that you know…

Sometimes the blogosphere makes my head hurt.

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The Cowboys are coming.

I’m not sure how much Georgia fans know about this season’s opening opponent, Oklahoma State, but ESPN has a piece up on the Cowboys’ program, particularly about their starting quarterback, Bobby Reid.

They look to be a challenge.  As the article notes, while Oklahoma State finished 7-6 last year, four of those losses came in games where it had a chance to win on the last play.

One thing for Dawg fans to consider is that OSU’s offensive coordinator, Larry Fedora, is no stranger to the SEC or Georgia’s defensive scheme.  Fedora held the same position at Florida during the last two years of the Zooker’s regime.  (The Gators had the best offense in the conference, statistically speaking, in ’04 under Fedora’s guidance.)

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