A few spring football stories…

No worries, mon: His freshman phenom QB may or may not be hurt, four of his predecessors won national titles at the school in their third year (and a fifth’s team went undefeated) and his starting tailback was just moved from linebacker, after being moved from tailback to linebacker last year, but Charlie Weis is cool, man.

Lou Holtz won a MNC at Notre Dame in hith third year, and ith thtill honored for hith efforth…

“They’re all right there in a wad”: Once again proving that the most popular player on the South Carolina campus is the quarterback without a rap sheet, Chris Smelley is feelin’ it.

It’s Tim Tebow’s world, the rest of us are just sharing it: “He’s never been shy. It was Chris Leak’s team, but Tebow was right there with him,” Meyer said.

For you, $19.95: In the wake of its dramatic Fiesta Bowl win, Boise State is selling anything that’s not nailed down. And for the stuff that is nailed down, make ’em an offer.

Fire this, sucka: The University of Iowa gets preemptive on certain critics’ asses.


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