An envy and jealousy twofer!

Yessir – two posts that caught my eye and made me gnash my teeth from bitter admiration:

First, there’s Sunday Morning Quarterback‘s brilliant look at Gus Malzahn that explores the whole “the man, the myth” shtick his supporters have been bandying about from the getgo, but, even more than that, perfectly captures the “WTF are those people thinking?” mindset of those Hog fans who believe Nutt screwed last season up by not giving Malzahn his head to run his “throw the ball first and ask questions later” offensive scheme:

… But SMQ has his doubts as to how new or hot this system is actually going to be. The furor over whether it was actually employed in any sense last year, and if not, why the hell not?, has built a kind of bizarre mythology around its singular brilliance. Ten wins, and SEC West title, the school’s first Heisman finalist, and why aren’t you idiots running this incredible offense? What are we talking about here?

Then, there’s Andy Katzer, who asks the immortal question

Is Tim Tebow a real quarterback or just a moose lined up in shotgun?

I’ll never be able to look at Tebow in the same way again.

That’s a good enough line to redeem Katzer for a rather stoopid post he made a couple of weeks ago. Ego te absolvo, my son…



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2 responses to “An envy and jealousy twofer!

  1. Hey, it was long overdue, but I finally got around to posting a well-deserved thanks and kudos on my site ( for the acknowledgment you sent my way awhile back. GTP has been on my blogroll for awhile, but I apologize for just now getting around to making a public thanks.
    ‘Preciate the great work you do over here.


  2. Thanks Tommy.

    By the way, I enjoyed your barbecue post. I was born in Houston and moved to Atlanta a long time ago. Barbecue brisket is about the only thing I really miss about Texas; I get my fill when I visit my relatives there.

    I’m looking forward to reading future installments…