This doesn’t strike me as a good development:

… Saturday was meant for college football — or so it seemed. Those days are being challenged by move to play college games on weekday nights.
We’ve seen a number of games played on Thursday nights in recent years. A few schools are even playing on Friday nights. Now, the move is to Tuesday, something only typically seen during the bowl season.
And, in my opinion, it’s a bad idea.
Central Michigan and Western Michigan are scheduled to play their annual game in 2007 on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in Kalamazoo. A Tuesday night? Yes, that’s right.

    What used to be a great Saturday afternoon of football between CMU and WMU is now going to be a great Tuesday night of college football. That doesn’t even sound right, does it?

One guess as to the moving force:

… The game is going to be played on Tuesday night because — drum roll, please — it’s going to be aired on ESPN2. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. TV dictates what happens in college football (the big money-maker for athletics’ programs), and for schools like WMU and CMU, they’re doing this for the paycheck and college football’s most overused term “exposure.”


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