Eye of the beholder

So how were the Florida Gators able to win the MNC this year?

It depends on who you ask, I suppose.  Jim Delany, Big 10 commish, would point to lax academic standards in recruiting certain types of players as the key.  Other Big 10 supporters found that Florida had a scheduling advantage over the Buckeyes.

But the Gator coaches tell a different story.   According to head coach Urban Meyer,

“I think the fastest team wins nine out of 10 times if the fundamentals are equal and everything else. That’s how we recruit and why we do what we do.”

And co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison actually took the novel approach of preparing his kids for their opponent (something his Ohio State counterpart could stand a few pointers on):

In his presentation, Mattison noted the predictability of the Ohio State offense. For instance, of the 90 sets he scouted in which the Buckeyes had two backs and a tight end, they ran 80 times.

The week of the game, Mattison’s wife, Ann, asked their son Bryan – who will be a senior defensive end and captain at Iowa this fall, and had sat in on Florida’s film sessions – whether the Gators were outmatched.

The answer, according to Greg Mattison: “No, I think they’re going to kick the crap out of them, because dad’s defense was calling out plays before they’d run them.”

(h/t SEC Blog – The FanHouse)

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