English izz hard.

So the University of Oklahoma tells the NCAA it’s FOS about its conclusion that the school didn’t adequately monitor Rhett Bomar’s employment. Rather strongly, as a matter of fact:

“We … assert that the University met, if not exceeded, industry standards regarding our student-athlete employment monitoring,” University President David Boren said in a letter dated March 7…

I might be more impressed with Boren’s stand if his command of the mother tongue were a little better when he writes:

“The University of Oklahoma stands for principal (sic), and all the actions we took in this matter illustrate that character.”

Dude, you’re the President of a state university. The least you can do is carefully read what goes out over your signature – assuming you do know the difference between “principal” and “principle”.  If you don’t, you’ve got  problems besides a car dealership’s payment arrangements.

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