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Everyone was too busy with their brackets to watch.

Per ChicagoSports.com, CBS’ coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament drew an overall rating of 6.1, the lowest-rated tourney except for 2003, which was interrupted by the war in Iraq.

So much for the intense following generated by “the most perfectly conceived sporting event since the World Cup.

Again, all you playoff proponents, tell me how increased revenues from a D-1 football tourney are a slam dunk.


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“That guy is your new athletic director.”

Remember that Miles Brand interview I linked to a few days ago? It’s the one where he said

Q. Do contracts like Nick Saban’s $4 million-a-year deal at Alabama make you concerned about the money being thrown around to coaches?

A. I thought that a million dollars was a lot. But when we moved away from that and moved, in one case, to a $4 million contract, I think we have to ask some very hard questions. Whether you can justify it in terms of rate of return, it raises the question of propriety for colleges and universities. [Emphasis added.] Is this the appropriate thing to do within the context of college sports?

Well, if Mr. Brand wants to explore the “question of propriety”, this seems like a good place to start:

His name is Dan Parker. And as of Wednesday, his search firm, Parker Executive Search, is pretty much running the show now on The Hill…at least for a little while.

But did you know he’s also the guy who helped Tubby Smith escape from Lexington to…brrr…Minneapolis? (Now that’s a feat comparable to selling ice cream to Eskimos.) And now, conveniently, he’s been retained by Kentucky to fill the job that…he just helped to vacate? [Emphasis added.] I guess it’s like they say…no one goes against ‘the firm.’

Pretty nifty trick, eh?

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