“That guy is your new athletic director.”

Remember that Miles Brand interview I linked to a few days ago? It’s the one where he said

Q. Do contracts like Nick Saban’s $4 million-a-year deal at Alabama make you concerned about the money being thrown around to coaches?

A. I thought that a million dollars was a lot. But when we moved away from that and moved, in one case, to a $4 million contract, I think we have to ask some very hard questions. Whether you can justify it in terms of rate of return, it raises the question of propriety for colleges and universities. [Emphasis added.] Is this the appropriate thing to do within the context of college sports?

Well, if Mr. Brand wants to explore the “question of propriety”, this seems like a good place to start:

His name is Dan Parker. And as of Wednesday, his search firm, Parker Executive Search, is pretty much running the show now on The Hill…at least for a little while.

But did you know he’s also the guy who helped Tubby Smith escape from Lexington to…brrr…Minneapolis? (Now that’s a feat comparable to selling ice cream to Eskimos.) And now, conveniently, he’s been retained by Kentucky to fill the job that…he just helped to vacate? [Emphasis added.] I guess it’s like they say…no one goes against ‘the firm.’

Pretty nifty trick, eh?

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