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Joe Cox for Heisman!

I was planning on going to G-Day, but was offered tickets to the Masters at the last minute and jumped at the chance to go.  So I haven’t seen the game yet… but, anyway, it’s hard to take too much out of something like G-Day.

Unless, of course, you want to.

Like last year, when legions of Georgia fans threw Joe Cox under the bus because he threw several interceptions.  In a spring scrimmage game.

Interestingly enough, courtesy of David Ching, here are the quarterback stats from yesterday:

Quarterback stats:
Stafford 6-12 for 155 yards, 2 touchdowns (60, 6)
Cox 7-8 for 156 yards, 1 touchdown (60)
Barnes 9-15 107 yards, 1 touchdown (22)

No doubt we should be braced for the hue and cry from the masses demanding that Cox be thrown back in the mix for the starting QB job.


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