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I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a boy named “Tressel.”

I’m sure these kids will thank their fathers (and you know it’s their fathers’ doings) later.

So what’s the worst name to go through life with – Tyde, Saban or Tressel?

The ironic thing, of course, would be if either father had to move the family to, say, Tennessee or Michigan because of a job requirement.

Then again, maybe it’s just some weird form of tough love.



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That’s why they pay him the big bucks.

I don’t feel sorry for coaches like Urban Meyer, but I have to admit they’ve certainly got some challenges to deal with these days:

A day after one of his players was arrested after allegedly firing a semiautomatic rifle into the air during a dispute, University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer said he and his staff must work harder to keep players away from guns.

“We’ve just got to do a better job,” Meyer said. “Obviously, we failed.”

I wouldn’t expect coaches to be actively concerned about banning semiautomatic weapons, even in Florida. The sad thing is that Meyer realizes now that he can’t afford that luxury:

Meyer said he comes from an era when guns weren’t so prevalent, but he said he must adjust with the times and keep his players from carrying guns.

“Every year, it changes, what the focus is,” Meyer said. “You try to put your finger in the hole, and another one just starts.”

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Coach.

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AJC’s spring game reporting: “horrible” yet “efficient”

Anyone scratch his or her head over the headlines in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s write-ups of the Georgia and Georgia Tech spring games?

Georgia’s first string defense gave up five scoring drives, and the article on G-Day is headed “Dogs ‘horrible’ on defense”. Tech’s first team offense scores every time (that would be ten, if you’re counting) it has the ball – including three TDs against the first team defense – and the story is “Jackets’ offense crisp, efficient”.

Now, granted, a lot of this is eye of the beholder stuff, as the Georgia article is pretty much described from the point of view of Martinez and Kelin Johnson, while the Tech story is told by Bennett and Bond, so I’m not seeing anything sinister in all of this.

Laziness, on the other hand…

How hard would it have been to get some quotes from folks like Tenuta and Bobo to give things a little more balance?


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