Not gonna do it; wouldn’t be prudent.

Damon Evans had this to say in today’s Athens Banner-Herald about Thursday night football between the hedges:

A pair of SEC matchups – LSU-Mississippi State and Kentucky-South Carolina – are on ESPN’s Thursday night schedule this year.

Don’t expect to see Georgia showing up on the slate any time soon.

“As long as I’m the athletic director here, we won’t have Thursday night football, plain and simple,” athletic director Damon Evans told the University Council’s Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics last month.

Thursday night games are worth an extra $500,000 per school, Evans said, but also mean more class time missed for players, thousands of students out late on a week night and the campus disrupted by fans streaming into town early to tailgate.

“We don’t want to have a negative impact on this campus,” Evans said.

Sounds pretty emphatic to me… of course, when you run a $20+ million dollar surplus each year, you can afford to take a few stands like this.



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3 responses to “Not gonna do it; wouldn’t be prudent.

  1. Logistically, it would be a debacle. There simply isn’t anywhere for people to park. Much less tailgate.

    If we had a 60k stadium surrounded by 10k-20k parking spaces away from the rest of the campus, it could work. But the way our campus is designed, mid-week football won’t work on a 96k fans.

    Great call by Damon.


  2. Don’t forget Gwinnett County rush hour traffic. You’d have to leave in the early afternoon to have time to get there and tailgate.


  3. Dawg69

    I have season tickets to MSU football and I wish our spinless a.d. would take a stand like UGA’s. Ya’ll are very lucky to have an athletic administration that have balls and doesn’t care what Birmingham thinks or listens to them.