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The blind leading the blind

I’ve mentioned before that Bernie Machen strikes me as someone flying by the seat of his pants as he sets out to woo anyone and everyone necessary in his eyes to bring about a playoff for D-1 college football.

I think I may have underestimated him.

Here’s a tidbit from Dennis Dodd’s Mailbag:

From: Joyce

Absolutely LOVE the idea of scrapping the BCS and turning the playoffs over to a corporation! IMO, the idea would actually bring in MORE money than the present bowl system–because of the HUGE NATIONAL interest it would bring.

You could keep the bowls like they are now–but have three or four host the playoffs each year. It seems like that would pay HUGE dividends money!! Please do whatever you can to promote and advertise this idea!!

Playoff Honk:

I already have. Dr. Machen wanted the numbers of television executives to contact about his idea. When I got home from the Final Four, I forwarded those to him.

Holy mother of crap.



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Jeff, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Stewart Mandel writes about the start of the Jimbo Fisher era at FSU.

One thing that comes across – it doesn’t sound like anyone misses Jeff Bowden too terribly much.

“I’ve forgotten about last year — it’s a new season for me, new role and everything,” said (Antone) Smith. “I was always a big fan of LSU’s offense. This offense is made for big plays…”

“… With the new coaches coming in … it’s kind of like all the mediocrity we’ve had the last five or six years has been lifted off our shoulders,” said Weatherford. “All the players have been bearing that burden for a long time.”


Pappa Bowden, either reflecting on how lonely it is at the top, or trying to remember if he told Jeff to pick up the dry cleaning…

(photo courtesy of Sunday Morning Quarterback)

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From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The American Association of University Professors is releasing a survey on academic salaries today.

Skip the good news about salaries rising at a rate greater than inflation. For these folks, that’s not what’s important.

Rather, this is:

But the AAUP made a point of noting the faculty salary increases pale in comparison to those enjoyed by college presidents and Division I football coaches, which the AAUP says shows misplaced priorities.

You don’t say.

But wait – there’s more.

The report also notes high-profile contracts for football coaches, such as the University of Alabama’s Nick Saban, who recently signed an eight-year deal worth at least $32 million. That’s about 10 times as much as Alabama’s entire need-based financial aid budget in 2004-2005.

Nick Saban is the gift that keeps on giving.

How about some context?

Of course, those increasing salaries amount to relatively little in a school’s total budget, given that colleges have no more than one head football coach and one president, while they may have thousands of faculty.

Hey, it’s not about the budget, or whether a football coach is directing a program that’s generating lots of money for a school. It’s about what’s fair. Or something like that.

But the AAUP says the gaps have reached alarming proportions. While salaries for full professors at NCAA Division I-A schools ranged from $63,030 at Marshall University to $136,374 at Duke, the compensation of head football coaches averaged more than $900,000.

By that measure, the report said, “Division I-A head football coaches are, on average, 9.4 times more valuable than their full professor colleagues.”

“Full professor colleagues”. I like that.

Coach O, last seen addressing his “full professor colleagues” at the most recent meeting of the Faulkner Society…


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All of you – just shut the hell up!


It’s either that, or start up a reality TV show.

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