Jeff, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Stewart Mandel writes about the start of the Jimbo Fisher era at FSU.

One thing that comes across – it doesn’t sound like anyone misses Jeff Bowden too terribly much.

“I’ve forgotten about last year — it’s a new season for me, new role and everything,” said (Antone) Smith. “I was always a big fan of LSU’s offense. This offense is made for big plays…”

“… With the new coaches coming in … it’s kind of like all the mediocrity we’ve had the last five or six years has been lifted off our shoulders,” said Weatherford. “All the players have been bearing that burden for a long time.”


Pappa Bowden, either reflecting on how lonely it is at the top, or trying to remember if he told Jeff to pick up the dry cleaning…

(photo courtesy of Sunday Morning Quarterback)

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