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Al Davis would know what to say to the Nuttster.

It sure is ugly in Fayetteville.

I keep saying the schedule is Houston Nutt’s best friend this year – Troy, Alabama, Kentucky, North Texas, UT Chattanooga, Auburn, Ole Miss, FIU, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi State and LSU[Road games in bold.] Six wins just by falling out of bed.  Ten wins aren’t out of the question if Jones and McFadden stay healthy.

He’ll need every one of them.


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Around them there Internets, Bulldog edition

Highlights from the first two quarters of the G-Day game have been memorialized on YouTube:

Feel free to draw your own conclusions about players on the defense being out of position.  But there sure was a lot of chasing down going on out there – and it ain’t because Sutherland and Chandler are burners.

What do you get if you cross the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation with a wedding? Georgia Sports Blog has the answer. No word on whether Loran provided any commentary from the pews… or if the minister wore a striped shirt.

MaconDawg has a 2008 recruiting class wish list up at Dawg Sports. My wish? Rodney needs to be ready to sacrifice his first born, if that’s what it takes to get AJ Harmon in the door. (Just kidding… I think.)

Over at The Wishbone, he’s laying down the laws of spring football. He speaks the truth, but he sure depresses me at the end:

Plus, spring football is the harbinger of the college sports desert of summer. After Omaha wraps up in a few weeks, you’ll have to wade through the summer clinging to baseball and country club sports.

How many days until Phil Steele’s mag hits the stands?


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