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New Glory

I love it when a plan comes together.

If South Carolina wins nine games in ‘07, I have a win-win proposition for you honorable members of the House: vote to remove the Confederate flag that flies on the state capitol grounds and replace it with a flag bearing the mug of the Evil Genius. Even when Spur Dog leaves, you’ll have gotten the NAACP off your backs…

He’s laying the groundwork.

Steve Spurrier does not want to be a politician.

But the USC football coach believes the state would be a better place to live if the Confederate battle flag were removed from the State House grounds.

Spurrier brought up the flag issue Friday while accepting a leadership award from City Year at the service group’s Ripples of Hope banquet at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Spurrier said Saturday that he believed he was in an appropriate setting to voice his opinion.

“It would make us a more progressive, better state, I think, if the flag was removed. But I’m not going to go on any big campaign to have it removed. That’s not my position,” Spurrier said in an interview with The State. “But if anyone were to ask me, that would certainly be my position. And I think everyone in there, it was their position, too.”

Spurrier said it was “embarrassing” last year when someone waved a Confederate battle flag behind the set of ESPN’s “GameDay” before the Gamecocks’ home game against Tennessee.

“Some clown or some dude was waving that big ol’ Confederate flag right behind them about the whole time they were on,” Spurrier said.

Nine wins, baby!


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