Next time, use cash.

Well, I know one thing at this point.  If I were a college football coach at a public institution, there is no damned way I’m using a cellphone on a school account.  Or a credit card.

It looks like everyone in the state of Arkansas with a grudge against the Nuttster has filed a FOIA request – including the Boy Wonder:

INFORMATION REQUESTS Any Arkansas citizen can use the Freedom of Information Act to get public documents. And McAfee’s request is one of several that have landed at the UA lately from people who don’t work in the news media — but who are seeking athletic department records. The request letters themselves are public documents subject to disclosure. So the Democrat-Gazette made a request to the university last week requesting disclosure of all the FOI requests filed since Nov. 1. Several of them didn’t come from media companies.Angling for Houston Nutt’s phone or credit-card records, those requests were made by a handful of individuals following the Razorback football action off the field.

Mitch Mustain, for one.

In his March 14 FOI request, Mustain asked for all cell-phone and office-phone records for Houston Nutt and his secretary-assistant and the same set of records for Danny Nutt, Athletic Director Frank Broyles and Broyles ’ secretary-assistant. Mustain’s letter includes this sentence: “I hereby authorize the University of Arkansas to release the requested information to Beckwith M. Campbell.” Campbell is Mustain’s mother. “Our request for information was confined to specific records and documents related to our personal experiences with the football program,” Campbell said in an e-mail Monday.

One only hopes the fired US Attorneys scandal is being investigated with as much attention to detail as this has been.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)

Also, check out this clip from Deadspin.  Citizen journalism evidently is alive in Fayetteville.  I’m not so sure about the “well” part.

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