Words to live by

From David O’Brien’s blog (the only reason I follow the Braves at all these days) at the AJ-C today comes this classic quote from Suzanne Yoculan, Georgia’s women’s gymnastics coach:

“If you’re not out there wanting to win, there’s no business putting on the leotard.”

Personally, I think that smokes “Finish the Drill”. Somebody needs to come out with a t-shirt, stat.



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5 responses to “Words to live by

  1. Allyugadawg

    Joe Cox’s quote from his remarkable rally during last year’s Colorado game is also one of the best I’d heard in a while. He told the guys on the sideline “If we can’t go out and score two touchdowns, we don’t deserve to wear the Gs on our helmets!”


  2. Suzanne is a quote machine. She did an interview with Finebaum last year that was off the chain. If you’re interested, I transcribed some of it before PF took the link down.


  3. Thanks, pwd. Some of the comments were as rewarding to read as the transcript.

    She’s definitely a piece of work.


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