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Don’t bogart that joint, my friend.

I’m sure we can expect loud cries of derision from Yellow Jacket fans everywhere about this. After all, it’s a major indictment of a college football program when a kid gets caught in a state of inebriation sitting on a toilet, right?

I wonder if Calvin got his dope from Reuben Houston. Maybe it was medicinal, and CJ needed it to fight off bouts of nausea brought on by watching Dog’s passes sail all over the place (or from Nix/Gailey playcalling, for that matter).

Tommy Bowden gets off the line of the day, though, talking about Gaines Adams, who also admitted smoking marijuana:

“I hold him in the same esteem as President Clinton. He’s in good company,” Bowden said…

I guess that means that Adams didn’t inhale.


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Doing that around the blogosphere thing again

  • College Football Resource and Kyle King are volleying over a subject that I’ve addressed here, namely, is the hiring of Gary Crowton a sign of the apocalypse for certain staid SEC programs? I’ll be kind and say that at present the jury is still out, but note that in 2006, Oregon’s offense ranked 25th nationally in scoring offense. LSU, under Jimbo Fisher’s (who?) direction, playing in a much tougher defensive conference, finished 9th.
  • Speaking of LSU, College Football News gives us its 2007 preview here. Let’s see: loaded with experienced talent, facing a much less challenging schedule than last year and sporting a coaching staff that’s more in tune with the head coach’s philosophy (although it should be noted that the two assistants that left were very much sought after by several other schools), the Tigahs aren’t going to be cut much slack in ’07. Nor should they. If Miles loses two regular season games with all of this going for him, look for the grumbling to start in earnest.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback does his usual, incredibly thorough job in providing a preview of the Florida Gators, 2007 model. I only have one small bone to pick with it. While he certainly makes the big picture point that Florida’s improvement under Meyer stems from the defensive side of the ball, I think he gives Meyer a little too much credit on offense. If you look at Florida’s conference scoring under Zook and Meyer, it’s a bit more revealing. That’s not to say that the Gators won’t set the world on fire with the spread option one day, but those numbers make it even more apparent why Florida’s 2006 season was so successful.
  • Looking for the perfect summary post about the pending decision by the NCAA to ban text messaging to recruits? Then look no further than The Wishbone: “Mark Richt doesn’t know how to email, so I’m skeptical that he can compete with Urban’s text posse in sheer volume of attention and prompted phone calls.”

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