Don’t bogart that joint, my friend.

I’m sure we can expect loud cries of derision from Yellow Jacket fans everywhere about this. After all, it’s a major indictment of a college football program when a kid gets caught in a state of inebriation sitting on a toilet, right?

I wonder if Calvin got his dope from Reuben Houston. Maybe it was medicinal, and CJ needed it to fight off bouts of nausea brought on by watching Dog’s passes sail all over the place (or from Nix/Gailey playcalling, for that matter).

Tommy Bowden gets off the line of the day, though, talking about Gaines Adams, who also admitted smoking marijuana:

“I hold him in the same esteem as President Clinton. He’s in good company,” Bowden said…

I guess that means that Adams didn’t inhale.

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