Why we need a college football playoff, reason #437.

What’s more meaningless than a bowl game?

Why, a college football spring game, of course.

That’s why Notre Dame only drew 51,852 to its Blue and Gold Game today.

That’s why Alabama drew a mere 92,000+ to the A-Day game today.

Can you only imagine the excitement that a playoff would bring to D-1 football? Instead of going to a spring game, fans could fill out a playoff bracket!

April Madness (photo courtesy AP)


UPDATE:  More on the Alabama spring game attendance story.



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3 responses to “Why we need a college football playoff, reason #437.

  1. kckd

    That’s like saying two people escaped a concentration camp so all of them could. You can make a good argument about fan excitement, but spring games by and large are not one of them. Only a few select schools draw anywhere near what Notre Dame would draw. And this isn’t the typical year for Bama. You know that.


  2. Typical or not, that ‘Bama attendance figure is amazing. How many folks do you anticipate coming out for Kentucky’s Midnight Madness practice this year? The Wildcats have a hot new coach, too.

    This post was an exercise in sarcasm directed towards the many who argue that playoffs would add more excitement to college football without providing a shred of evidence as to why that would be the case.

    Spring games are nothing more than glorified scrimmages. That many of them draw more than 15 or 20 thousand fans annually should speak loudly as to the current level of interest in the sport.

    There may be valid reasons to support a playoff, but fan excitement ain’t one of ’em.


  3. DirkDawggler

    Ever been to Tuscaloosa? Outside of a real football game in the Fall, there’s not a whole hell of a lot to do there except maybe visit Moundville. I’m not surprised by the crowd.