More fun and games in Arkansas

Just when I think things can’t get any stupider in Hawg Land, they go and prove me wrong:

A Montgomery County man has sued top University of Arkansas officials, saying the leaders didn’t do enough to investigate critical e-mails sent by a Little Rock woman regarding the Razorbacks football team.

In his suit, John David Terry claims that Chancellor John White and system President B. Alan Sugg should have done more to investigate e-mails sent by Teresa Prewett, a family friend of football coach Houston Nutt.

This, of course, raises all kinds of questions. Who is this guy? How does he have standing to sue here? What sort of legal recourse is he seeking? How is his lawyer keeping a straight face?

One thing’s for sure. There’s more to come. Maybe someone will sue the cellphone company for not alerting anyone at the school about the alarming amount of texting the Nuttster was doing.


UPDATE: As usual, The Wizard of Odds has more, including a PDF of the complaint. Evidently, Mr. Terry claims standing because he’s a taxpayer.


UPDATE #2: They want to depose the Nuttster and rummage through a few things:

The subpoena also includes a list of materials for Nutt to turn over, including computer hard drives, documents, phone records and notes of telephone conversations. Freeland said he believes exposing Nutt to this type of discovery process is the primary motivation behind the lawsuit.

“It absolutely is being done just to try to get some discovery, and it has no legal basis whatsoever,” Freeland said. “It’s unbelievable that somebody would file it.”

From Absence of Malice (1981):

James A. Wells, Assistant U.S. Attorney General: Tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna sit right here and talk about it. Now if you get tired of talking here, Mr. Marshal Elving Patrick there will hand you one of them subpoenas he’s got stuck down in his pocket and we’ll go downstairs and talk in front of the grand jury… Elliot? Jim?… Fine. All right, Elving, hand whichever one of these fellas you like a subpoena and we’ll go on downstairs and talk in front of the grand jury.
District Attorney James A. Quinn: Gallagher’s a government witness.
James A. Wells, Assistant U.S. Attorney General: Wonderful thing, a subpoena.

Mr. Terry hopes that life will imitate art.


UPDATE #3:  More on the story here.  This sure seems like a telling quote from Mr. Terry’s attorney:

He admitted the NCAA has never stated verbatim that schools were required to conduct independent investigations. But he said the circumstances surrounding the Prewett e-mail and her discovered correspondences with the Nutt brothers “beg for an independent investigation.”

Check out the comments section after the article.  It’s safe to say the Hawg Nation is a trifle conflicted by this mess.

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