I hate those guys.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has his preseason analysis of Southern Cal up. Gawd, is it depressing.

A couple of tidbits that caught my eye:

If Phil Steele is to be believed (which he is, about everything) every starter on USC’s front seven by the end of last year was ranked in the top ten in the nation at his position coming out of high school.

You already know all this, but the accumulation of talent here cannot be overstated. Well, it can, but only by the most deliberate, extreme exaggeration, and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch even then. They couldn’t beat the Raiders or anything. But when Mitch Mustain arrives in the fall – if Mitch Mustain arrives in the fall, since no one involved has yet confirmed his plans on the record – he’ll only be the third guy on the roster rated as the best quarterback in the country out of high school.

That is silly loaded.

The scary thing is what this team does when it’s facing a major opponent.  Check out the chart SMQ compiled in the middle of his post.  USC played five teams last year ranked 27th or higher and beat them by an average margin greater than 20 points.

That’s dominance. How these guys lost two games last year, I don’t know. (I’ve posted before that the bowl matchup I really wanted to see last season was the Underachievers’ Bowl: USC vs. LSU.) But they’re going to roll into this season as the undisputed #1 team in the country and it will be interesting to see if anyone can knock them off.

Yeah, it’ll probably be more USC on ESPN than we can stand, but even that may have a silver lining if it causes the World Wide Leader to cut back on its seemingly around the clock coverage of Yankees-Red Sox.

Right now, everybody else is playing for the second slot in the BCS Championship game.


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  1. Mark Serrrano

    Fight on! and beat the pants off of everybody!