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Paul Westerdawg and Ching link to an interview Mark Richt did with the Thomasville Times-Enterprise in which the coach freely discusses the link between his faith in God and the way he conducts the management of the program. I can’t help but be impressed by his sincerity, but I’d sure like to have seen Mike Bobo’s reaction to being told he was calling plays before the Tech game last year:

I called Mike in on the Thursday of the game and he had to call the game on Saturday. I told him, ‘I don’t care what happens in the game, but all I know is if I don’t have you take over, I’m in direct disobedience to the Lord.’

Speaking of Mr. Ching, he’s posted the story that Akeem Hebron was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. Again. No word about Hebron’s choice of bonding companies this time, though.

Back to Westerdawg: it looks like he’s come across two prime candidates for T. Boone Pickens’ master plan for revenue generation at Oklahoma State.

And Dawgbone links to a new board that has a target audience clearly in mind. Georgia football and porn. It doesn’t get any more red-blooded than that.

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