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If Granny said it, it must be true.

I have no idea if this guy’s story is the truth or not, but it’s sure entertaining.

The best part is holding Nutt accountable for quitting as the Arky QB because he was lied to by his coaches about the offense they were going to run… while at the same time holding him accountable as the Arky coach for lying to his QB – who quit – about the offense he was going to run.

Upon reflection, that’s probably the second best part. My favorite part is the author citing Lou Holtz as validation (“this according to Holtz himself”) for a story that makes Holtz look like the injured party.

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Dennis Dodd, playoff pimp

For some reason, Bernie Machen has found an eager mouthpiece in CBS‘s Dennis Dodd.

Today, we learn from an excited Dodd that “… Florida president Bernie Machen has contacted at least two high-ranking television executives prior to a college football playoff presentation this week to the SEC presidents…” Wow! That’s something! Bernie might actually show up to the SEC meeting with some real data and maybe even a serious proposal!

Er… uh… except it’s not exactly “at least” two. It’s two. And neither is a “high ranking television executive”, for that matter: has learned that Machen has spoken to noted TV consultant Neal Pilson, a former CBS Sports president. The other TV source is a retired network executive. The two exchanged messages but did not speak. [Emphasis added.]

Other than that, it’s dead on.

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Why am I not surprised?

Apparently, at least one SEC president is thought to be on board Bernie Machen’s playoff train:

… Georgia President Michael Adams has expressed concerns about the current system in the past and may be on board with Machen…

But Kyle King should take heart that there’s at least one SEC prez ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with him on the postseason:

… Vanderbilt Chancellor Gordon Gee, for one, wants no part of it.

“I am totally, unequivocally opposing it,” Gee said.

Gee is among those who believe it is time to move away from the current BCS system and go back to the old bowl system, with the national champion crowned through the polls….

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Reality sets in.

With regard to a college playoff model, here’s what a certain coach in Columbia, SC has to say:

“I used to always be for it,” Spurrier said. “Right now, I’m at a school that doesn’t need to worry about it, so whatever they decide is fine with me.”

Now that’s worthy of a House Proclamation


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Please God, make it happen.

Have Georgia Tech play in the Humanitarian Bowl again this year.

The Roady’s Truck Stops Humanitarian Bowl.

Boy, wouldn’t you like to see them hoist that banner at BDS…

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Even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes.

Surprise, surprise.  Matt Hayes has an excellent column up discussing three flaws facing a national playoff scheme for college football.

The best point of the three he makes (and it’s one that I’ve made before) is that a playoff lessens the value of the regular season – not just in terms of the impact of games, but in terms of what the games are worth to advertisers.

Which means Bernie not only has to come up with enough money with a playoff to pay something to every D-1 school without lessening the current payout to BCS schools, but he also has to make up for the likely shortfall the BCS conferences will face as the regular season TV moneys dwindle.

It’ s so easy.


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Night time is the right time.

Per the Athens Banner-Herald, the first two games of the season are set to air on ESPN2:

The Sept. 1 game against Oklahoma State will air at 6:45 p.m. and the Sept. 8 game against South Carolina is set for 5:45 p.m, according to an ESPN spokesman on Wednesday.

That’s good for fans hoping to avoid the mid-day sun and bad for certain school administrators who would prefer as little tailgating as possible.

In other words, a win-win in my book.


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