“They went from eating Caesar salad to prime rib.”

The NCAA cracks down some more on those “diploma mill” prep schools:

In perhaps its most significant move to deter diploma mills, the N.C.A.A. will limit high school students to one core course that would count toward college eligibility after a student’s four-year high school graduation date.

They’re saying all the right things in the article…

“We’re not shutting out opportunity, we’re encouraging better behavior,” Lennon said. He added that “legitimate prep schools in the business of preparing students for college and wanting to improve their academic portfolio” would continue to be able to do so.

… but you wonder about how it turns out in the real world.

The complaints in the article come from basketball coaches, but we’ve seen abuse on the football side, too. If you are a Georgia fan, you have to wonder what kind of impact this will have on kids that wind up at Hargrave.

Sounds like jucos will benefit:

Byrnes also said those benefiting the most from this rule were junior colleges.

“They went from eating Caesar salad to prime rib,” Byrnes said.

Junior college basketball programs were virtually gutted in the past decade as students took fifth, sixth and sometimes even seventh years of prep school as alternatives to using two years of eligibility at a junior college. The last star players to go through junior college and play at four-year colleges were Steve Francis and Shawn Marion.

“This puts the focus back on junior college again, where our people are prepared to help these kids,” said Steve Green, the head coach at South Plains College, a junior college in Texas.

And maybe one other group stands to benefit.

“In theory, this thing is probably the right idea,” said Bill Barton, the coach at Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass. “But the reality is that you’re hurting a wide spectrum of kids that come from different backgrounds, but most are minority kids from the inner city. There has to be a lawsuit in here somewhere.”

Doesn’t there always?

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