You’ve got to pay for Jimmy Clausen.

Matt Hayes reports that we should

(l)ook for Notre Dame A.D. Kevin White to renegotiate the Irish’s deal when the BCS and FOX open contract talks–possibly as early as this summer. As it is now, Notre Dame gets $4.5 million in years it goes to a BCS bowl (compared with $17 million for each BCS conference champion) and $1.3 million when it doesn’t. That deal was made during the Ty Willingham era and probably cost the Irish about $12 million last year. . . .

“$1.3 million when it doesn’t”?   That sounds like getting paid by the government not to grow a crop.

Seriously, this is just part of the puzzle that has to be accounted for if you’re a playoff proponent.  And Notre Dame won’t be easily dealt with.

All this attention for a school that’s dropped its last nine bowl games in a row…


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3 responses to “You’ve got to pay for Jimmy Clausen.

  1. Notre Dame is the evil step mother.


  2. siskey

    When will Charlie Weiss be let go? If they go 6-5 this year against the Service Acadamies , how will the Alums justify that?


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