Around the blogosphere, Vol. 3

Kudos for a couple of posts that caught my eye:

  • If, like me, you think that Brady Quinn’s college career is at least a tad overrated, you’ll appreciate this post at Saurian Sagacity that was prompted by Quinn’s saga at the NFL draft last weekend. Mergz’s advice for stressed out Dolphins fans is choice:

So relax Dolphin fans. If you believe Quinn was a steal at 9th, you should believe Beck was the heist of the century in the 40th spot.

  • There’s a nice post up at College Football Resource about the decline of the 25 carries a game running back. Only one back in all of D-1 last year averaged that many carries a game. So the next time anyone wants to insist that a front line RB recruit should consider – or not consider – a school because of how he’ll be deployed, it’s probably wise to be skeptical.

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