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Let he who is without sin cast the first keg.

I wasn’t going to comment on the Matthew Stafford-at-Talladega photos thing because it’s just so trivial.

But if the blogosphere is good for something, it’s making mountains out of molehills.

And the topper has to be Chip Towers at the AJ-C, who actually blogged this today:

My question to you folks is this: How should Richt handle this? Should Stafford be punished? If so, in what way, shape or form? Suspended? Or should it be ignored completely?

Jeezus. Suspended? For what, holding a keg over his head?

Before going off the deep end over this, consider this list of recent headlines from SI.com’s college football page –

Ex-Vol Smith arrested for fleeing from crash
Idaho tackle Marvin Jones arrested in cocaine case
Idaho tackle Marvin Jones arrested for alleged cocaine sales
6 Penn State players charged over off-campus fight
6 Penn State football players charged in off-campus fight

Former star quarterback expelled from Naval Academy after sex-related convictions

3 Minn. football players released from custody amid rape probe
Purdue football player suspended after arrest

Football players suspended after arrests in water-balloon dispute

While 3 players sit in jail, Gophers play spring game
Former Michigan State player says he threw neighbor off balcony

Florida player arrested, accused of shooting rifle in air

That’s just in the last month. And speaking of Florida, don’t forget what Taurean Charles did when he picked up a keg.

A little perspective here wouldn’t be a bad thing.


UPDATE: The AJ-C‘s Carter Strickland weighs in with this ponderous piece. Evidently it’s against the rules for Stafford to behave like a teenager now.


UPDATE #2:  Enough already.



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