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I was sad because I had no indoor practice facility, until I met a man who had no soap.

We’ve all heard the grumbling that Georgia needs an indoor practice facility for the football team in order to keep up with the neighbors.

Well, if Colt Brennan is to be believed, the University of Hawaii is facing a serious infrastructure problem of its own:

Most notably, there still is no soap in the football locker room’s showers — a situation that has become a metaphor for the state of the athletic department. The absence of soap was first reported last September.

“We spent all spring with no soap in our showers,” Brennan said. “Half of the soap dispensers are broken. How hard is it for us to have soap in our lockers? Isn’t that something that should be a health issue?”

A janitor, on his own time, has tried to recycle the empty shampoo bottles to use as soap dispensers. But the maintenance crew remains understaffed, and there are only two janitors to clean up after more than 100 players.

Suck it up, wuss. Give in on this, and the next thing these guys will want is free parking when they go to practice.

… football players pay $3 to $6 for parking each day to participate in workouts, practices and study sessions at UH. Brennan said football players are targeted by parking-enforcement guards for parking in the dirt areas near the football practice field and locker room — areas, Brennan insisted, no regular student or faculty member uses.

He estimated about 20 percent of the team has amassed between $200 and $1,000 in parking fines. Brennan’s car has been towed twice and he has accumulated an estimated $800 in parking fines and towing fees during his two years at UH.

“I would love for somebody to show how much we’ve made for the school last year and then show how much kids owe for parking going to practice every morning,” Brennan said.

(h/t Deadspin)


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