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Seven years of college down the drain…

Per the AJ-C, the UGA athletic association board just met and made a significant change in the distribution of student football tickets:

Under a new policy approved Thursday by the UGA athletic association, all students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours at the conclusion of the drop/add period in the fall semester. Students with fewer than 12 hours will fall below incoming freshmen, who were often left out of Sanford Stadium for big games, in the ticket priority system.

The issue was a hot topic of discussion during the association’s board of directors end-of -year meeting at the King and Prince Beach Resort, where members addressed the issue of seniors returning to school for a fifth year — and sometimes beyond — and registering for a small number of class hours just to be able to get their discounted season tickets.

Why the change? It looks like some students were gaming the system:

“As a senior who’s about to graduate in four years, I can tell you I know a lot of seniors that are coming back in the fall to take about six hours so they can get their season tickets,” said Tucker Brown, a student representative on the board. “My freshman class was one of the classes where all the students that applied did not get full season tickets. They had to go out and scalp tickets or buy them somewhere. That’s unfortunate because part of the freshman experience is game-day Saturdays and it’s not fair because some fifth-year or sixth-year (students) taking six hours clogs the system.”

If you’re someone who’s deliberately held back on taking enough hours to graduate just to maintain a ticket priority, this news has to suck a little, at least. Of course, you’re still putting off life for another semester, so it’s not totally pointless.

Other news of note from the front:

1. It approved a record $70 million budget for the 2007-08 fiscal year. That represents an increase of more than 10 percent over 2007. However, expenses are projected to increase more than 14 percent.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs have lost their title for being the nation’s most profitable athletics department. They’re now No. 2 behind Notre Dame.

“Number two is still pretty good,” athletics director Damon Evans said.

2. Evans reported the athletics department has raised $65 million for its “Investing in Champions” fundraising campaign, which continues for another year. The goal was $60 million. That does not include the $23 million raised in the 2007 football season tickets priority system.

3. Georgia extended by eight years its footwear and apparel contract with Nike, ensuring its relationship will continue through June of 2017. Evans said the new deal would increase the Bulldogs “product allotment” by “about $1 million” per year.

4. Financially, all of Georgia’s revenue exceeded projections in the last fiscal year, with more income expected between now and the end of the period at the end of June.


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Fashionable and functional

No doubt this is in less than the best taste in light of the recent doings of Mssrs. Hebron and Stafford, but I bring you the latest development in footwear technology:

.. flip-flops that hold one ounce of liquid in each shoe are now available, easing the smuggle for determined drinkers.

The dram flip-flop, manufactured by the surf and sandal company Reef, also comes with a miniature funnel and measuring bar.

… Matthews said the flip-flops have a flask built into the sole that holds the ounce of liquid inside.

“You know how the Nike Air shoe has air in the bottom of the heel, it’s similar to that,” Matthews said. “It has a cap you can remove, and you can unscrew and pour liquid out of it.”

I smell a promotional opportunity here.

(courtesy Megan Casey)

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