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A little of this, a little of that

Here’s a bunch of minor stuff, none of which stirs me up enough to write an entire post on the subject:

  • No depo for the Nuttster on Monday. But no doubt Pork Rind Jimmy has June 4 circled on his calendar, as that’s the court date set to hear all of the motions filed in the case.
  • That NCAA text messaging ban? You can’t stop it; you may not even be able to contain it. “There will be something else that shows up,” Florida Coach Urban Meyer said. “I hope we’re the first ones that do it.” Yeah, babee! [Emphasis added.]
  • Spurrier’s ego reminisces. There are times when I wonder if the coach, school and state would just prefer to live vicariously through what the Evil Genius did ten years ago over the here and now.
  • Joe Dailey is a living testament to bad timing. Two schools, four head coaches and five different offensive systems for a kid entering into his fourth year of play has to be some sort of record.

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”If my son was Johnny Five Stars, the first thing I’d do is get an unlisted number.”

I don’t know how I missed these, but Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News posted a series of articles on the business of college football recruiting that are… well, less than flattering. But definitely fun to read.

  • Rivals vs. Scout – ”It’s very heated between them,” said Drew Champlin, who worked at Rivals.com’s BamaOnline site for six months. ”On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s probably 100.”
  • Analysis – ”Where is college football most rabid?” Bowden said. ”If I’m a businessman, if I’m going to make a mistake, I’ll rank a Southern team high since they’re buying the material.”
  • Influence recruits? Not us! – ”I feel this is a fun industry, but some people push the envelope too far,” Miller said. ”I can imagine someday the NCAA’s weary eye will look this way.”
  • Nobody Tom Lemming – ”The recruiting push is still led by that 1 percent of college football fans that are fanatic,” Lemming said. ”They live on the Internet. That’s their whole lives. They’re sort of like Trekkies. The majority of college football fans follow recruiting in a peripheral way.”

Gator fans, basking in the knowledge that their school had the number one recruiting class in 2007.

Feel the contempt. And it’s not just directed at the service providers:

”Tim Tebow was soundly committed to Florida in September,” David Ross, the Homewood lineman, said of the well-publicized quarterback who considered Alabama. ”He had a press agent doing all that stuff. If he made it public that he was going to Florida then, he definitely wouldn’t have had an hour-long special (in December) on ESPN.”

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