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Another BCS troglodyte

Evidently, Bernie Machin doesn’t have his mojo working on Big XII commish Kevin Weiberg:

I am not dissatisfied with the current Bowl Championship Series structure but remain interested in looking at ways the system can be improved. But I do not favor moving in a direction that would damage the bowls or negatively impact the value of the regular season. [Emphasis added.] I also would not favor a structure that makes football a sport with competition in two semesters, and I certainly would not support games being played in final examination periods. So there is only a limited window for more postseason competition.

For any structure to work that requires more games being played in the postseason, you must have the cooperation and support of all of the conferences. The Big Ten and Pac-10 have a Rose Bowl contract in place through 2014, so I doubt we are going to see much change in the near future.



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