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I’ll take obvious answers for $200, Alex.

I asked a few days ago why college football needs an early signing day.

The answer:  because more college coaches want one.

Many college coaches, maybe the majority, are pondering the implementation of an early signing period. Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, which sets the annual recruiting calendar, said the idea has “a little more air under its sails than in the past. . . . It’s more compelling than it’s ever been.”

So much so that an AFCA task force has been established “to take a look at every aspect of it,” Teaff said. During their respective conferences’ spring meetings, Division I-A coaches likely will discuss the merits of an early signing day and report back to Teaff’s group.

“In the past, the (idea of an) early signing date has fallen along lines of those who have and those who are still trying to get,” Teaff said. “But it’s definitely being looked at very seriously and is up for discussion. By the end of May, we’ll know whether to move forward.”

…If many coaches agree there should be a signing period to accommodate the growing number of early commitments, there is disagreement as to when it should be.

This thing’s far enough along for it to be in the “when not if” stage.  We might as well call it a done deal.  All for the good of the kids, of course…

For some related thoughts, check out this post at dawgsonline.com.



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At least they didn’t add any more bowl games this year.

Fanblogs.com has this season’s bowl schedule posted in its entirety.

The broadcast breakdown is as follows:

  • NFL Network (2)
  • CBS (2)
  • Fox (5)
  • ESPN/ABC (23)

As noted in the comments, the truly crappy part of the schedule is the insertion of two minor bowl games in the week leading up to the BCS title game.  (Thanks, ESPN!)  Although there is a place deep inside of me that yearns for Notre Dame to make an appearance in the International Bowl.  Toronto, Canada.  10 AM.  A MAC opponent.

And the Irish would probably still lose.

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More scheduling stuff

In the interest of fairness, here’s a piece from the Orlando Sentinel that’s worth quoting as it bears on ’07 conference football schedules:

Eight of the 120 Division I-A teams have eight home games this season — and half of those (Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky and Vanderbilt) are in the Southeastern Conference. The others: Arizona State, Michigan, Rutgers and Stanford. Seven of the eight play no non-conference road games; Rutgers has one of its five non-conference games on the road. [Emphasis added.]

Eight home games is certainly fan friendly, but it implies a lesser caliber of opposition to fill the slate, so I’d say the gap between the SEC and the Big XII is smaller than I’d pitched the other day. Still, I don’t think there is a school in the SEC with a $90 ticket.


UPDATE: Dang! Somehow I missed Dienhart’s take on the Big XII ’07 non-conference schedules. I don’t want to bore anyone with the details, but for a little taste of his analysis…

Here’s a school he describes as having a “decent” schedule – Baylor: at TCU; Rice; Texas State; at Buffalo.

And here’s a school he describes as having a “shameful” one – Texas Tech: at SMU; UTEP; at Rice; Northwestern State.

Now that’s some major league hairsplitting.

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If you’re going to Raleigh, don’t forget your raincoat.

The game day experience on the campus of NC State must be truly special.

Start with this.

Then, read this. Bonus points for the headline.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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