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“It’s so close, you can spit on Fulmer from here.”

How do you market to that special ‘Bama fan who’s won the Lotto and wants to move out of his doublewide?

Here’s how:

Feel like spitting on Fulmer? You’ll be close enough to do it. Want to chunk a corn dog at those annoying LSU fans? Do it from your balcony. That’s how close Houndstooth is to the action. Avoid the traffic and parking stress. Walk to the quad to capture those moments that make Tuscaloosa special. Houndstooth Condominiums are located only a very short walk from the newly renovated Bryant-Denny Stadium.

He’ll feel like he died and went to heaven, I bet.

(h/t The M Zone)


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A couple of Dawg articles

There are a couple of pieces about the Georgia program in today’s Columbus Ledger-Enquirer worth a look.

David Ching notes that the offense may need to carry the defense in ’07, at least early.  I think he’s more sanguine about the young talent on defense than is justified (there are only three healthy bodies at linebacker right now, for example).  It does seem fair to say that there is some unease about the defense right now.

This article illustrates Richt’s enthusiasm for early admission of some recruits:

“They get a spring under their belt and an offseason,” said Richt, who has welcomed a combined 12 signees onto campus the last two winters. “They get an entire summer knowing exactly what to practice while other guys don’t know that (when they arrive in August).

“These guys got coached . They went through mat drills and they learned that it’s no (walk). It helps them quite a bit.”

The mid-year admissions over the last two years seem driven more by necessity than by some deep seated philosophy on the part of Richt, but it’s to his credit that he’s been flexible enough to pursue them.

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Roll ‘dem bones

You really have to start wondering if this kid will ever take a meaningful snap at LSU.

Of course, he’s just suffering through an indefinite suspension, while, as the article notes, Miles recently dismissed three kids “who never saw game action”, so I’d say the coach is keeping his powder dry.

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Inside the mind of Dienhart

Can someone figure out why these two Big East non-conference schedules

  • Louisville: Murray State; Middle Tennessee; at Kentucky; at N.C. State; Utah
  • West Virginia: Western Michigan; at Marshall; at Maryland; East Carolina; Mississippi State

are superior to this one…

  • Pitt: Eastern Michigan; Grambling; at Michigan State; at Virginia; Navy

I sure can’t.

And this has nothing to do with Dienhart, but does Syracuse have the weirdest non-conference schedule in the country, or what?  The Orangemen play three games at home against BCS schools and a road game at Miami of Ohio.

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Illinois football – it’s not a pain in the butt.

I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose between listening to Bruce Weber talk about his colonoscopy or hearing the Zooker deliver such pearls as

“We’re going to get backed into a corner, and we’re going to have to stand up and say, ‘By golly, we’re tired of this.’ And when we do it, we’ll all know we’re off to the races…”

well, by golly, I’d probably just stay home and watch Law & Order reruns.

“Perhaps worst has passed”.  Now that’s a ringing endorsement.   So is this:

In an ideal world, Marjorie Enoch would come back for the Meet ‘N Greet Tour next spring and make this proclamation: “I want you to know Coach Zook is an excellent coach.”

Five or six victories is all it will take.

I’d say the Zooker’s found a home.

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