You had me at “unproven”.

Today’s exercise in lazy journalism comes courtesy of TSN’s Matt Hayes, who writes:

… The loss of star CB Paul Oliver (academics) leaves Georgia in a precarious situation in the secondary. The unit is just not that good in coverage and played poorly this spring. There was hope that the quick front seven–and Oliver’s ability to shut down one side of the field–would allow the unit to jell. Now the team likely will use unproven Bryan Evans and Asher Allen at corner. Though both have potential, they’ll struggle with little help from Ss Kelin Johnson and CJ Byrd, who aren’t necessarily cover guys. The loss of Oliver puts more pressure on FS Reshad Jones–a top recruit in 2006–to learn the nuances of the position and win a starting job in fall camp. Then there’s this hanging over the unit: The season opener is against Oklahoma State, one of the nation’s best passing teams. . . .

Look, it’s not unreasonable in any sense to have some questions about Georgia’s defense right now.  But to call Bryan Evans unproven is a reach, as he started several games last year and, along with Weston, significantly improved down the stretch.  Which, in turn, was a large reason the Dawgs’ pass defense stepped up in the last four games of the year.

How hard is it to do a little research before acting like you know something about a program?


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2 responses to “You had me at “unproven”.

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  2. I was at the Tech game and the Chik-Fil-A Bowl – and let me tell ya – Bryan Evans looked “proven” to me.

    The writer is a moron.