SEC meeting week odds and ends

  • We all know that Bernie’s playoff crusade will be the most watched story this week from the SEC business meetings. At least one guy is willing to go on record and object to a college football playoff. “…Introduce a playoff and all of a sudden we’re looking at college football the same way we look at the NFL: fun, but nothing special.” Right on, brother!  As Victor Laszlo said in Casablanca, welcome to the fight.
  • Nick Saban speaks! In fact, he’s positively garrulous in this article in the Tuscaloosa News. All that illegal recruiting talk? It’s “funny”. (Heh.) He doesn’t have any bad feelings about Les Miles, but “I can’t speak for him, though.” (Heh, heh.) He and Spurrier have evidently had a conversation about their stints in the NFL. (Heh, heh, heh.) He even manages to one up Bernie about what to do with the extra bucks that might flow to college football from a championship playoff – don’t give the money to all of the schools in D-1, give it to the players.
  • All that buzz about an early signing day for college football? Not so fast, my friend, at least when it comes to SEC coaches. As a group, they’re split on the proposal. Read the story carefully, though. The split breaks down between the haves and have nots. The recruiting powers like the current set up a lot more than the little guys do. One other thing worth noting: while there are a lot of pros and cons discussed in the story, there’s no mention of how an early signing date would benefit the kids.
  • While I’m on the subject of recruiting, I wanted to mention Georgia’s tenth verbal for the class of 2008, GAC linebacker Christian Robinson. Normally I don’t spend time blogging about verbals (especially when we’re something like 8+ months away from signing day), but this kid has a great quote in the Athens Banner-Herald worth sharing: “I’ve been around South Carolina all my life and it was really hard to tell them no today,” he said. “Everything that I wanted is at Georgia: People, coaches and I just know that Georgia is a great place.” Take that, Clifton Geathers!


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2 responses to “SEC meeting week odds and ends

  1. GT would loathe an early signing period b/c their prospects wouldn’t have their grades yet. They would be offering blind. It’d kill them in football.


  2. It depends on when the early signing period would be. Note that in the article, the consensus seems to be jelling around a December date, which I presume would help somewhat with that problem.

    It’s interesting that Johnson is in favor of it, given that Vandy’s standards are at least as tough as Tech’s.

    I’d love to hear how they’d spin the benefit of a December date for the kids. I guess they’d be able to “relax” over the holidays. 😉