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Stick a fork in Bernie.

“I’m done,” he said.

In a unanimous vote, the SEC presidents decided to stay with the BCS.

What’s that old line? “Not with a bang, but a whimper…”

I eagerly await Dennis Dodd’s next crusade.


UPDATE:  “Playoff idea never had teeth.”  Heh.


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Resistance is futile.

More Tebow for Heisman talk.

Maybe I ought to do a poll: which QB is likely to have the more nausea-inducing media coverage this year, Tim Tebow or Jimmy Clausen?


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It’s D-Day for Bernie.

“We tried to work things out today so we can spend as much time as we want to spend (this morning) talking about football,” Machen said.

The story here is lowered expectations.

He’s got no specific plan.  “There are no specifics,” he said. “It’s a concept. Do we want to look at a playoff? There are more plans than there are Carter’s pills. The plan will evolve if the people want to do it.”

His backing seems to be melting away.

“There’s never been any sense of enthusiasm for a playoff at the decision-making level,” said Vanderbilt’s Gordon Gee, a university president for 26 years who was involved in the creation of the original Bowl Championship Series, which currently decides the champion at college football’s highest level. “Indeed, I’d have to say, if anything, there is less enthusiasm for it now than when I saw these issues being discussed earlier.”

Georgia’s Michael Adams shares that view and expects the presidents to shoot down a playoff if the issues comes to a vote, which it probably won’t. SEC commissioner Mike Slive has asked his presidents to discuss the issue but doesn’t expect a proposal to come out of these meetings.

“I’m a firm believer in and supporter of the bowl system,” Adams said. “I’ve never said never on anything, but my general view is that right now the current system is working.”

When you’ve lost Mikey Adams, you’ve lost.

Damon Evans is on the side of the angels:

But it’s looking more and more like it won’t move at all. Georgia athletics director Damon Evans said he would have to hear a compelling argument to convince him that a playoff is the right option for college football.

“Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I like the current bowl system,” he said. “In college football, what’s interesting right now is that every game counts every single weekend, which I think makes it fun. It’s good to explore possibilities, but I can’t say right now that I’d be in favor of a playoff system. Where we are right now is not too bad.”

Steve Spurrier sounds like he’s mellowed on the need for a playoff.  “I used to be for a playoff. Now I’m sort of indifferent,” Spurrier said. “You’ve got to have a winner somehow. We all know the formula. The SEC can get there. Florida got there this year. You may need some help, but an SEC team can get there.”

Don’t tell that to Tommy Tuberville, the man who’s never seen a college playoff proposal he didn’t like.  Hell, he even likes the ones he hasn’t seen.


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